Tour Report: President’s Tour to Factory Five Racing, Wareham, Massachusetts.


Sponsored by Bob & Lisa Dumas- Saturday October 28, 2016.  The following is a tour report for this year’s President’s Tour to honor our President Randy Long. The President's tour is held each year in appreciation of the current President's service to the club and is usually arranged by the Vice President/Tour Chairman. I researched many auto themed shops and businesses and I felt this facility would be an excellent choice for this year's tour.  We met 8am at the commuter lot off I-395in Moosup, Connecticut. Due to the time of year and the distance to our destination, I previously requested we take modern cars (or those capable of maintaining highway speed) for this outing. We started out heading north on I-395 in the direction of Massachusetts. We left at approximately 8:05 am and generally stayed together as printed directions to our final destination was handed out and this proved to work very well as no one got lost but we did have a couple of members follow the wrong vehicle in front of them off an exit. We all caught up to each other at McDonald’s in Seekonk, Mass. for a scheduled quick pit stop. At this point we had approximately 29 members & guests (9 more members and guests met us at Factory Five) and several vehicles. We regrouped and continued to head east on I-195 exiting at Exit 21 onto route 28 north which we followed to Tow Road.






       We arrived for our 10 am tour on time and we were greeted by Dan who gave us a chance to check out the vehicles on display in their lobby/showroom area. After several minutes we were escorted into the factory to observe the various areas of production. Dan and the other team members answered all questions in detail as we were even able to speak with those working on various components. We were also told that Factory Five cars have been shipped all over the world and just that morning two different gentlemen from Canada were there to pick up their respective kits. It was very interesting to see what it takes for Factory Five's kits to go from concept to design to final product. We even had a glimpse of their newest product, a 35 Ford Hotrod pickup. Factory Five's team made us feel welcome, didn't rush us through the operation and really seemed glad we

were there. 

      A little after Noon we headed up the street to the Longhorn Restaurant for a really nice lunch. The wait staff was ready for us and I was greeted by the manager as I had contacted the restaurant a couple of hours prior to coming with a headcount. The food was great and the service was fast and courteous considering how many of us were there.

      I hope all the members and guests who attended this tour had a really enjoyable day and I want to thank them for participating in what I hope was a fitting tribute to our president. 

In Attendance:  President Randy & Cindy Long and guests, Charlie & Nancy Obreiter and , Bob & Lisa Dumas, Doug & Gail Miller, Gary & Jean Arcand, Karl Van Auken, Jack & Marge LaRochelle and guests, John & Terry Holmes, Richard Jenkins, Beth Gentile,  Jim & Barbara McShane, Don & Anna Puscynski, Ted & Sue Price, and Dave Johnson and guests.

Respectfully Submitted by Bob Dumas